Breastfeeding is hard

and other truths they don't tell you...


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Ready to hear the truth Ruth?

are you readyI’m a new mom. What gave it away right? I recently gave birth to my first child Grace Katherine, (she’s a cutie!). On my journey through pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and having a new born, I was faced with a few realities I just wasn’t ready for, which is annoying because I read ALL THOSE BOOKS!

Labour, yep knew it would be painful. Pregnancy, yep knew I would put on weight. Late night feedings, yep knew it would be tiring. Oh yes, the books were full of advice, warnings, and recommendations on childbirth and raising a baby. Something they didn’t tell me though, was how hard Breastfeeding was going to be!

Breastfeeding is hard, that is the understatement of the year and you would think, should be mentioned by the ‘experts’. This issue was just one of many I came across throughout my journey of becoming a Mom.

This website is my way of telling you what the books didn’t. Be ready to laugh, cry, shout, swear and smile as I take you through my experience of becoming an educated new mom.

If you find yourself nodding along or shaking your head vigorously in disagreement, feel free to let me know. Or more importantly if you’re a mom and have your own ‘TRUTHS’ tell me about them!

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